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Fight To The Finish #19: For Glory Escapades Results

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PostFalconXD on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:02 pm

Fight To The Finish #19: For Glory Escapades Results


Thank you to everyone that joined Fight To The Finish #19! This tournament was fairly standard, but there were still some notable events like Gman ending Raheem's two tournament win streak and almost getting a perfect tournament or Legacy getting carried by a bunch of back-to-back byes. It's anyone's guess where the series goes from here, but here are the results of this 29-person Tier #2 tournament:

TOP 8:

1st: Gman (Toon Link, Diddy Kong)
2nd: Raheem The Dream (Sonic, Ike)
3rd: ShinzouMatt (Sonic)
4th: Xig13 (Roy, Robin)
5th: KezaruGX (Dark Pit, Pit)
6th: Swordlegacy (Link)
7th: Cake (Duck Hunt, Pikachu, Lucario)
8th: TKay (Mario, Ness)


9. Blu3 (Kirby)
10. Ccdove (Corrin, Kirby, Marth)
11. TheMasianOne (Little Mac, Link)
12. Black Star - Pavel (Sonic, Mewtwo, Robin, Megaman)

13. Cyziax
14. Phumpy
15. TySSB
16. BroGamez / Godplank

17. Al3x_v9
17. BlankSpade
17. Echoes
17. GR33NL3M0N
17. BeastySkillz
17. iOreki
17. Jamesb2696
17. InFeRn0HeAt
25. Cinnamon
25. Denalan
25. Furyg16
25. LRA_Start
25. Zeno

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