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FTTF Leader-board (After FTTF #16)

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PostFalconXD on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:45 pm

Without further ado here are the leader-board rankings for after Fight To The Finish #16. I have a more detailed documents entailing who earned which bonuses so if you want any clarification on point totals or your rank feel free to let me know. Also if I have the wrong characters listed for you let me know and I will correct them.

Note: Inactive users are indicated with either a red "x" next to their rank or red font.

Shoutouts to Critiical for the leaderboard template and MachRider + crew for the character icon resource I used.

TOP 8:

1. Cyziax: 13 Points (Dr. Mario, Meta Knight, Mii Swordfighter)
2. Shadow5594: 11 Points (Little Mac)
2. Gman: 11 Points (Toon Link, Luigi, Diddy Kong)
4. Mankey: 8 Points (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong)
4. FinalChaos: 8 Points (Sonic, Yoshi, Pac-Man)
6. Fzekan: 6 Points (Kirby)
6. Legacy: 6 Points (Roy, Link)
6. Blu3: 6 Points (Kirby, Mario, Diddy Kong)


9. Cheezeballer: 5 Points (Donkey Kong)
9. Proctavia: 5 Points (Pikachu, Donkey Kong)
9. Black Star – Pavel: 5 Points (Mewtwo)
9. Dimento98: 5 Points (Lucina)
13. Gberdman: 3 Points (Bowser, Diddy Kong)
14. AlcantarMX: 2 Points (Little Mac, Captain Falcon)
14. Mikerowave: 2 Points (Fox, Meta Knight)
14. SuperFlame: 2 Points (Luigi, Dr. Mario, Meta Knight, Villager)
14. ChiefSininen: 2 Points (Corrin)
14. Furyg16: 2 Points (Luigi)


19. King Geedor4h: 1 Point
19. ChronicleRising: 1 Point
19. CTQ: 1 Point
19. Ditchpigs: 1 Point
19. GR33NL3M0N: 1 Point
19. Kyuubito: 1 Point
19. Alphons33: 1 Point
19. BobTheMooCow: 1 Point
19. Applelorf: 1 Point
19. Mioku: 1 Point
19. SIlache11: 1 Point
19. Tecmo562: 1 Point
19. ZxAbsol: 1 Point
19. YummiestHorse: 1 Point
33. Dici: 1 Point
33. Robot: 1 Point

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